Sander de Groot

Town planner / Software Developer
and entrepreneur

About me

One of my best traits is curiosity. I love the questions 'why' and 'how'. They provide the deeper understanding necessary to maximize impact.Great products are built by great (autonomous) teams. I see it as my responsibility to empower teams to reach their full potential and build things right at the right time.Solving complicated challenges with simple solutions is my mission. As an architect it is my job to set out a vision, align teams around it and guard the sensitive boundaries between services and domains.All in all, you will find me to be a hands-on (solution) architect / developer capable of making difficult things simple.

What is a "town planner"?

Explaining what an architect in the IT-industry does can be a little challenging, especially to people from other industries. Personally, I really like the town planner analogy as it comes quite close to the responsibilities of an architect.

Imagine you're tasked with realizing a completely new town in some underdeveloped area. You'll need construction workers, building designers, project managers and many other experts in different fields. The town planner is one of those experts and the town planner is responsible for the bigger picture.

  • Ensuring the infrastructure is fit for the expected growth. There should be enough roads, gyms, parks, super markets, etc.

  • Providing the grand vision on the utilities like water, sewage, electricity, etc.

  • Ensures that everyone involved is aware of what's available or how to find it

The town planner is an architect who takes the now, has the vision for the future and provides both the direction and tools to empower everyone in making it happen.

What do you do as entrepreneur?

One of my dreams has always been to develop a product that is useful to others. I have been training myself to generate ideas. The funny thing is, training your mind works similarly to training muscles. At some point you've created some muscle memory. The same applies to generating ideas, it almost comes naturally to me now. Just two rules:

  1. There's no stupid ideas

  2. Don't force generate ideas

Of course, 99.9% of the ideas you generate don't ever see the day of light, but that should only motivate you to continue. Every once in a while you come up with something that you're really passionate about and you buckle down!

Many of the ideas I give a shot never really make it to production. But there is a few concepts that I am passionate about and am actively working on getting them released:

  • goodword: activate your network in finding job opportunities

  • nietnuts: claim back the money you overpaid on district heating (NL)

  • energy saving / smart home

For me, lots of things to get excited about. But remember, ideas come cheap, it's the execution that matters.